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Online Testing

SkillsUSA's Online Testing System is a secured testing platform designed to assess a competitor's knowledge around competency areas within their career competition event. For the 2022 National Leadership and Skills Conference, this system will be utilized to administer the SkillsUSA Professional Development Test. Please read the below prior to beginning your test:

The SkillsUSA Professional Development Test is designed to assess student skills in the workplace and personal skills areas of the SkillsUSA Framework. In combination with the technical skills portion, assessed in the on-site career competition event, SkillsUSA is able to produce a comprehensive score for every contestant that represents their skill level in terms of the SkillsUSA Framework.

What is the SkillsUSA Professional Development Test?

The SkillsUSA Professional Development Test is 2.5% of the competitors total overall score. Competitors should take this test seriously.

What percentage of my score is the SkillsUSA Professional Development Test worth?

  1. All testing must be completed by the competitor without any external aid under the direct supervision of a qualified proctor.* (external aid includes, but is not limited to: other students, advisors, parents, industry experts, text books, search engines, web pages or any other external source of knowledge)

  2. Competitors must remain on the testing window at all times. Opening any other tab or window during the testing process will automatically submit your test on suspicion of cheating. 

  3. There are multiple forms of each test. Please note that questions and answers will not appear in the same order for each competitor. 

SkillsUSA Online Testing Proctor Policy

All online Professional Development and Contest Testing must be proctored for the 2022 National Leadership and Skills Conference. In order to access the online test, each competitor (including individual members of a team event) must complete the digital proctor and security agreement form below. Please review the competitor and proctor requirements below prior to completing the form: 

Competitor Requirements

Proctor Requirements

  1. A qualified proctor is defined as any willing adult who is not the competitors SkillsUSA advisor and who has no familial relation to the competitor.

  2. The proctor must be present for the duration of the student's test. 

  3. The proctor must not provide any external aid to the contestant and has a duty to prevent the student from accessing any external aid or sharing any SkillsUSA testing content with anyone, including their SkillsUSA advisor.

All Tests Due by 5:00 P.M. ET on June 21, 2022

SkillsUSA Online Testing Security Agreement

Competitors and proctors must complete the below digital form to access their online test. Competitors should complete the competitor (red) section and proctors should complete the proctor (blue) section. The test will not be able to be completed without submitting this form.

I, the competitor, agree to the folowing:
I, the proctor, agree to the folowing:
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